Getting to the "Heart" of Family Matters!

Welcome to Healthy Family Solutions! A site where families can begin to discover Hope. We offer parent coaching services. Our aim is to strengthen the family by leading people to greater health in body, soul and spirit. Using a developmental, biblical model, we assist parents in reaching new and improved levels of healthy family living. You can achieve greater satisfaction in your life and in your relationships with your children.

Family Challenges you may be facing:

  • Troubles: job, money, time, stuff, schedules
  • Age related problems with children: eating and sleeping issues, temper tantrums, school matters, sport participation concerns, involvement with drugs or alcohol, sexual activity, peer pressures, bullying, screen addictions
  • Children's out of control behavior
  • Fights and battles between spouse, children or other important people

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching is an empowering, one on one relational process that supports parents in finding solutions to their family life challenges. By utilizing the guidance of a family life educator, parents identify their strengths and determine the positive assets in their life. Through active listening and acceptance, the parent coach begins to decode communication patterns, sift through lies and offer logical questions and answers. The family life coach encourages the parent in developing goals they want to achieve in their relationships and within their family. The role of the parent coach is to motivate, encourage and to help keep parents moving forward with their personally designed family action plan. Change is hard and personal growth requires reflection and action. Click right side bar Parent Coaching to learn more.......

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Receiving undivided time and attention from a caring person brings healing in life. Being emotionally supported, encouraged and allowed to dream beautiful pictures of a bright future is the first step in reaching that future.

Parent Coaching:

  • motivates parents to take the leadership role in their families
  • restores balance in body, soul and spirit
  • empowers parents to confront problems with their children and others
  • proclaims that all things are possible