Parent Leadership Training

Parent = a father, a mother, or a grandparent

Leadership = to lead, or guide

Training = instruction to learn a skill or to learn something and gain knowledge about a subject matter. The subject matter is Raising Children.

No one gets to pick their parents. Parents are our first caregivers and teachers. We learn and develop knowledge about the world, other people and ourselves from within our families. Ready or not, once we have children, we take on the leadership role to raise them. There aren't many other subject matters in life that require such little training. Parenting is both a universal and unique life experience for every man or woman who has had a child. Taking the time to invest in learning more about how to care for children is a wise move for any parent raising children in our complicated culture.

Take Time To Invest: Children Need Our Best

Join a parenting class

Develop and practice new parenting skills

Talk to other parents

Begin discussions and share what issues are going on with children today

Read a book on parenting

Parent Leadership Training is designed to support and strengthen fathers and mothers in their role of raising children. Training provides opportunities for parents to draw upon available resources for their own and their children’s well being.

Get Connected

Raising Royalty – is a Bible-based parent education program designed for parents with children ages birth to adulthood. This developmental model focuses on ages, stages and mode of development. This comprehensive course examines relationships, personality types, environmental factors and raising emotionally healthy children. Helping parents discover the gifts and talents of their children and growing forward in service to others is the theme of this 10 week course. Classes are held at various sites in the community which include schools, churches and businesses. Call to schedule your class today. 484.886.8437

Topical Parent Workshops

Parent workshops are 60 minute sessions that can conveniently take place during the lunch time hour or as special guest speaker at your community meeting. Parenting topics can include: Understanding child development, Managing children’s behavior, Time and Attention – keys to family strength, Supervision – A Teenagers life depends on it, Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities, Discipline Who’s in Charge at your house?

Call today to schedule your customized parent workshop. 484.886.8437